• One of the biggest myths surrounding auto insurance today is that it is a fixed cost and the rates you initially get as a first time driver are what you can expect to pay in the future. The truth, however, is that insurance is a variable cost and one that you can typically have reduced considerably and much more often than you would imagine.

    Hi, my name is Mark Neuman, insurance specialist at Mark Neuman Insurance Agency Inc. This month’s article focuses on foursimple tips that could save you big when shopping for auto insurance in the Ottawa and Brockville Ontario area.

    Feel free to contact our Ottawa location at 613-723-5880 or our auto insurance quote team in our Brockville location at 613-345-5880 for a free no obligation quote now. We are available 24/7 call in, click in, walk in, mail in.Rest assured, my team and I will be looking for every discount we can offer you to get the best competitive rate on your auto insurance.


    Here are four valuable tips about auto insurance that can save you hundreds of dollars a month in Ontario:


    ·         Tip #1: Always Ask about Additional Discounts – most people forget to ask about auto insurance discounts.  When you are working with any type of insurance broker, it’s very important that you ask about potential discounts that you can take advantage of. There are a lot of discounts that are not frequently talked about that you can use to lower your monthly insurance payment or get the best coverage that meets your needs. Some of these discounts include safe driver discounts for those who have never been in an accident, low travel discounts for those that often take public transportation or work very close to home, and others such as having an anti-theft device installed in your vehicle.


    ·         Tip #2:  Consider Raising Your Deductible - One way that you can save on your premiums(the amount that you pay yearly to your auto insurance provider) is by increasing the deductible. The deductible is the amount you have to pay for any repairs before the insurance will take over. For example, if you have a $1,000 deductible you have to pay the first $1,000 in repairs before your insurance provider will pay for anything. If you live very close to home or do not drive that often (especially if you are a senior), increasing your deductible can drastically cut down your premium without adding much risk.


    ·         Tip #3:Check Rates Before Purchasing A New Car - If you plan on buying a new car in the future, whether it is for you, your spouse or your child to drive, check rates online for that particular make and model to get a general sense of what you will be paying for insurance. Different years and cars can result in vastly different premiums, especially if the car is considered a classic or a luxury car because these may be targeted during auto theft more than a standard sedan.

    ·         Tip #4: Work With a Dedicated Agentand Team - There are a lot of auto insurance sites to help you sort through Ontario auto insurance providers, but there are many drawbacks to using the internet to get your insurance. With a dedicated agent you will be able to meet with someone face to face to discuss your driving history, vehicles, and other details so they can work to insure you individually and get the most discounts possible compared to online insurance that simply uses an algorithm to determine rates.


    Contact us today to get the best coverage that meet your auto insurance needs. With over 38 combined years’ experience helping individuals and businesses with auto insurance in Ontario, we understand that many families have a long list of financial obligations to meet, and cannot spend a lot on auto insurance. 

    Rest assured, my team and I will be looking for every discount we can offer you to get the best competitive rate on your auto insurance.  Our Specialty Is:

    ·         Auto Insurance, Car Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, ATV Insurance, Snowmobile Insurance and Trail Bike etc. 

    Besides Auto Insurance, my highly experienced team and I can also help you with the best insurance policy on:

    ·         Tenant Insurance, Home Owner Insurance, Landlord Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance, House Insurance and Rental Insurance, Business Insurance, Insurance etc.

    We now have two locations in Ontario to serve you better. Call Mark Neuman Insurance Agency Inc.right now to get more discounts:

    Auto Insurance Brockville Location 

    68 William St. Suite 104

    Brockville, On K6V 4V5

    Phone: 613-345-5880
    Free: 1-877-902-3276

    Auto Insurance Ottawa Location

    1900 Merivale Rd. Suite 212

    Nepean, On. K2G 4N4  
    Tel:  613-723-5880
    Free: 1-844-292-3276



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  • The Carolyn Maugeri Insurance and Financial Services Teamis located in the heart of Ajax Ontario Harwood Ave South at Hwy 2.  This month’s article focuses on threesimple tips that could save you hundreds of dollars a year when shopping for auto insurance in Ajax and GTA.

    Insuring your car, motorcycle or truck can be a complicated and frustrating matter in Ajax. There are so many confusing options and scenarios to consider that you really need some guidance in finding the right coverage for you and your family needs. There is a lot to learn and every person has different types of auto insurance plans that work for them.

    Feel free to contact our location in Ajax ON at (905) 426-5959for a free no obligation auto insurance or home insurance quote today. Rest assured, my team and I will be looking for every discount we can offer you right now to get the best coverage on your auto insurance.


    Here are the three simple tips:

    ·         Tip # 1: Sit down with someone who can help you understand different liability limits and accident benefits – and why they are important.  Liability is in place to protect what you have to lose – the government insists on at least $200,000.  Don’t simply accept $1,000,000 as the right number for you!  Basic accident benefits will provide an income replacement of $400 a week.  If you can’t work for a year – that’s $20,800 – is that a pay cut for you and could you continue to pay your bills with that?


    ·         Tip # 2: Understand when it makes sense to make a claim and what deductibles to choose.  The difference in premium between a $500 deductible and a $300 deductible is only protecting $200.  Is the difference in premium worth it?

    ·         Tip # 3: Always get multiple quotes from different companies when buying auto insurance in ajaxOntario– but please keep in mind that cheapest isn’t necessarily best. It is quite surprising just how much variance there is when it comes to this product. Understanding what coverages – and limits – are best for you is a very individual thing!  Insurance is about you and it doesn’t matter what your neighbour pays because this is about you – your risks and what you have to protect

    Important:  If you want to switch to a different auto insurance company, make sure you have a new policy in place before you cancel the one you have. Avoid being uninsured for any period of time, since an accident can happen anytime.

    Contact our team today to get more discounts.  The Carolyn Maugeri Team is dedicated to making your buying purchase simple and will leave you with the confidence that we’ve taken care of you.  The proof is really in the relationship after our initial meeting.  We will be there for every event that happens in your life.  Whether you get married, have children, change jobs, move, buy a cottage, or retire we will be there with education and advice on how it impacts your plan.

    We love to take on all kinds of new clients:

    ·         Migration – just moved into the area

    ·         Recently Married – combining single to couple plans

    ·         New Businesses

    ·         Retirement and Education Planning


    Our Specialty is Car Insurance:

    ·         Auto Insurance, Car Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Business Auto Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Snowmobile Insurance and ATV Insurance


    We also specialize in:

    ·         Renters Insurance, Tenant Insurance, Landlord Insurance, Home Owner Insurance, House Insurance, Condo Insurance, Condominium Insurance, Business Insurance and Commercial Insurance, Liability Umbrella, Boat Insurance, Cottage Insurance, Farms, Home Based Businesses, Travel Insurance and many more.


    When shopping around for an auto insurance policy in Ajax, it is important to educate yourself on the different types of limits available so that you can choose wisely and make a good decision for you and your family.  Call us now to review your insurance policy needs:

    Carolyn Maugeri Insurance and Financial Services Inc.


    Address: 15 Harwood Ave S #201, Ajax, ON L1S 2B9

    Phone:(905) 426-5959

    Hours: Monday to Friday:  9AM–5AM


    Our Google + business listing page:Auto Insurance Ajax ON 

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  • Today's life can not work out without cars as this is the one which aids us a pleasant trip in all weather in addition to the best thing to go anywhere with friends and family together. As in our daily life we rely on the same, invest a lot of time travelling and do different other things, hence, it is our obligation to keep it up on routine basis. As vehicle, its parts and also internal equipments are prone to failures and also if it never ever be maintained or serviced very carefully, you can't expect an enjoyable trip with it.

    You should understand that your vehicle always calls for a wonderful care as well as maintenance time to time in a right fashion, hence, always think of its On Schedule MAINTENANCE for quick and also smooth performance. All you just should seek the best automobile repair and maintenance service provider who can ensure you the best solutions and also identify all automobile relevant issues quickly. It is always excellent to be a part of a reliable provider as after that only we can expect to have high-level servicing of our useful auto to work on any kind of roadway efficiently.

    Seeking Car Exhaust Centre Reading? Well, below is the most effective referral which is understood for quick, high quality as well as budget friendly vehicle exhaust service making your vehicle well-conditioned. We much better recognize the real meaning and functionality of car exhaust system, It is the one which is used for accumulating and tossing hazardous exhaust away from the vehicle and assist in lowering the quantity of contaminants into the atmosphere, decrease engine sound and release your car from all type of various other problems.

    If your auto exhaust system is not working well and you are struggling with a lot of problems, it is better to rush to the best repair work establishment. Ignoring the exact same will certainly cost you a great deal as it will conveniently impact your engine, your capacity to drive as well as car performance will certainly go even worse than ever. That is why, it is highly advised maintain increasing with time to time examinations and also maintenance of your exhaust system to get rid of all future hazards as well as concerns. exhaust repairs reading professionals will certainly inspect your vehicle carefully and also let you understand the feasible pointers together with upfront rates and also other important info. Apart from this, numerous auto owners experience rattling sounds when they launch their auto engine or at the time to driving, which should not be ignored at all as it can be because of splits or damages of your exhaust system which can be really harmful for you and others.

    Maintaining routine Exhaust Reading services will ensure automobile owners that everything is alright and also it will certainly never put you in danger. Besides this, keep inspecting all your exhaust parts, consisting of- muffler, front water pipes, exhaust manifold as well as different others to keep away all problems with exhaust for a long period of time. Along with, always remember, routine upkeep will certainly never ever allow you to complete replacement of the entire exhaust system and assistance in minimising your overall price.

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  • Keeping, cleaning and caring cars from outside, doesn't indicate that it will always offer you in a better means with improved performance, however it is called for a great deal of things for durable perception. In order to make your automobile standout the crowd as well as to boost its power, efficiency and also effectiveness, time to time regular appointments and upkeep is needed. Yes, it is necessary to have for a smooth ride with no equipment failure, hence, one should know with time to time maintenance of the car.

    The majority of individuals, due to busy routine or saving cash, never visit the service center, which leads different troubles with the auto and later on these problems effortlessly control the engine and it stops at any type of point of time. What if, you are going on an empty roadway and also your automobile obtains busted or stopped as a result of equipment failing? You will definitely regret for not listening on its repair as well as upkeep. Let's discuss various type of solutions which vehicle owners need to opt making automobile well-kept and practical.

    You need to have become aware of car exhaust solution, well this is the most vital system which manages the sound, contamination as well as various other threats away. All you can claim, this exhaust system works like a smokeshaft of a residence, which is made use of to discard energy, dust and air contaminants from your home. In a similar way, automobile exhaust works to set free waste gases from the engine of your car as well as it works efficiently. Car Exhaust Centre Reading specialists always make certain to examine every possible thing and also key-components which are limiting exhaust not to function appropriately. From exhaust pipes to catalytic converter, tail pipe, resonator and different other points have actually been diagnosed for its appropriate as well as long time operating.

    Apart this, there are great deals of things which Exhaust Reading experts offer, including- tire repair works and also replacements. Regardless of, what budget plan you have decided, experts of the advised source is best to supply trusted tire solutions for all pockets. You have to know that tyres are one of the most vital part of an automobile as well as if it is of poor quality, not well-kept and also ruined, a lot better go with its replacement without thinking much. As soon as you will certainly opt for your auto upkeep, your service provider will certainly examine it up and also via this you can effortlessly release from any type of future difficulties.

    Next, you need to think of the best batteries which you can always depend on. Moving up exhaust repairs reading will certainly provide you total screening as well as detecting solutions which will identify the real condition of your batteries and if demand substitute they will likewise do the exact same. Once again, don't stress over the budget plan as every little thing will certainly be under your spending plan to fulfill all your demands.

    Besides this, if you are trying to find car servicing, mot testing, used auto sales, automobile healing service, and full upkeep as well as treatment, have to talk to trustworthy one for up-class solutions.

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    Do you have a vehicle, yet not focusing on its upkeep and care? If yes, then prepare to get an all new automobile as quickly it will certainly become an equipment packed with errors. Purchasing an automobile doesn't mean that your all obligations end, even, it is a high time when you need to come to be more responsible in order to for your own, your household and also auto safety.


    Research study programs, those, who go normal auto upkeep are constantly really delighted, pleased with automobile performance as well as enjoy their quest all the time without any headache, yet those that never take notice of the same, car is pointless for them as it never works on time. Do not worry as still it is not late as well as simply figure out a trustworthy vehicle fixing broker who comprehend your budget plan and also offer you the most effective package to satisfy all your demands.


    Apart from all, do you learn about car exhaust system which is about gathering hazardous exhausts launched from your vehicle's engine? You need to called well as always consider its regular check-ups and repair service if required. As this system helps in minimising pollution, noise, and also easily transform hazardous components right into much less unsafe gases for far better security. Routine check it required as it will certainly permit you to maintain your exhaust system running with optimal efficiency and it immediately exceeds the performance of your auto.


    Still thinking why you should opt for exhaust assessment solution? Well, Car Exhaust Centre Reading expert states due to the fact that this system is responsible for managing and also routing dangerous exhausts, therefore, its prompt check up will certainly safeguard you from all problems. Leakages, opening in exhaust pipe, damage and also different other things conveniently lead a bunch of problems which can also be harmful. Nonetheless, going up with knowledgeable as well as reliable expert will ensure you to have full service which will certainly be extremely protected and most importantly. Most of us know, there is nothing much better compared to top quality solution from a seasoned company, however, it excellents to be a part of the same as whatever they do, will certainly benefit us for a long run.


    One can expect to have services, like- substitute of your manufacturing facility muffler if required as well as you will certainly also get fantastic ideas on top quality performance exhaust system and also header. exhaust repairs reading will certainly also sustain in maximizing the effectiveness of the exhaust system which will certainly function similar to this for a very long time and will not ask constant repair or maintenance. All parts, processes, modern technology utilized as well as every little thing else will be cent percent precise, latest and of terrific high quality, nevertheless, one can expect to have wonderful end results which will certainly be matchless.


    Have no idea trustworthy as well as inexpensive Exhaust Reading? Look no further and merely move ahead with the suggested resource as it is extremely knowledge in all type of auto repair and maintenance solution as well as fluent with talented workforce. So, what are you awaiting? Merely go on and also have smooth drive.


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